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About Theatre of One Poem

I founded Theatre of One Poem in October 1991 in Opole. At that time I thought that a performance based on a short literary text, at least a poem, is a good way of expression. Besides, I wished to form a kind of theatrical reality that would be one world. I managed to do that after some time.

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Frankly speaking, every artist creates one movie throughout their life, paints one picture, writes one book, dividing it into only a few chapters. This is how an individual world looks. We also form the theatre of one vision and one theatrical poetics.To be ourselves we do what concerns and fascinates us, and if it also applies to a spectator, to their thrill and emotions, if the spectator comes to the same conclusions and thoughts, we succeed. Reflections may not come at once, they may not appear during the performance, but they may arrive at your fireside or over a mug of beer. At first, each of us creates for themselves, and then we reveal the creation to the light. Sometimes the creation is very individual and egoistic. So, on the one hand, I'm fascinated by the possibility of speaking, shouting out or whispering, or sometimes dancing to the world, then, on the other hand, it leads to a question: why should I reveal myself? Nevertheless, I do what I do, as I feel that other people go through the same - the inner crucible where something rotates and frets from inside. Nobody is perfect and I can't always cope with the world and with myself, as well. Theatre is one of the means of conversation and communication with what is outside our interior.